Four reasons your business should make the switch to e-invoices

e-Invoices are electronically transferred documents showing what a customer owes for services rendered. For businesses in the supply chain, invoices are a necessity.  How the invoicing process is handled can be a make-or-mar variable for encouraging customers to pay on time. 

Businesses save an estimated  ₦2,000 and about an hour daily when they use e-invoices.

Traditionally, invoices are written by hand or typed and printed. But this presents a plethora of problems – in sending and receiving invoices for forward-thinking businesses in the 21st century. 

Why does your business need e-Invoices?

  1. e-Invoices save time: The work involved in generating invoices manually is tedious. This time could have been saved and used to do other interesting work to generate revenue for the business. With Pivo Business, e-Invoices are generated at the click of a button, tracked and payment reminders enabled. This saves the business the hassle of manually reminding customers.
  2. e-Invoices are tamper-proof: With manual invoicing, there are cases of invoice manipulation, loss, or just general negligence in invoice handling. e-Invoicing solutions like Pivo Business bypass all these problems by eliminating all the points at which they occur.
  3. Receive payments securely: A lot of e-invoices offer features that allow you receive payments securely. With Pivo Business, for example, you can attach links to each invoice. That way, customers can simply click to make payment. This reduces the need for bank visits with cash and cheques.
  4. e-Invoices are eco-friendly: Manual invoicing defeats the purpose of sustainability. Using ink, paper, and sometimes courier services to deliver invoices increase carbon emissions. e-Invoices offer an eco-friendly option, thus reducing damage to the environment.

Signing up for Pivo Business takes less time than writing or typing an invoice. With Pivo Business, you can explore new frontiers in your business with e-invoicing and other business solutions.

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