The Pivo mobile app is here!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Pivo mobile app. 

Since 2021, Pivo has been available to smartphone users via a mobile-responsive web app. In line with our goal to help supply chain SMEs make, receive and track payments with ease, we’re releasing the first version of our mobile app on the Google Play Store

Here’s what you can do on the Pivo mobile app: 

  • Sign up for a Pivo Business account and complete your KYC.
  • Make payments.
  • Download and share transaction receipts: You can share receipts with your vendors, straight from the app, and get those supplies moving faster. 
  • Track monthly inflow and outflow: Want to have an eye on your cash flow? That’s easy as the information is displayed on the app dashboard. 
  • Generate account statements: With one click, you can have your account statement in your email inbox. 
  • Request a customised debit card: That’s right! No need to call or send an email. You can request a card and have it delivered to you at a specified address and date. 

The Pivo App is intuitive, with a quick-glance dashboard and a “recent activity” section to track your transactions. The app also includes extra layers of defence with security features – unique transaction pin, face, and fingerprint unlock – to prevent unauthorised access.

The Pivo mobile app is the gateway to all the benefits Pivo Business has to offer. Transacting on the app also increases your credit limit and access to Pivo Capital products.

Pivo is an all-in-one financial services platform for SME vendors in Africa – logistics and transport, suppliers, and wholesale distributors – in supply chains. We provide credit, transactions, and expense management to improve cash flow for our customers. For more information on our services visit or call/Whatsapp 0806 149 8208.

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